About Us

After over a decade of success in recruitment, HAPPYHAT was born.
By successfully placing hundreds of aspirants we agnized, People are the real Brand, Passion is the real Skill. People + Passion is a Victory.
Our Vision is to provide reliable recruitment services where we deliver passionate people and the right opportunities at the right time, so both talents and clients succeed in this robust world.

Job Aspirants

We agree skills are the result of your rigorous practise, making your hands dirty and finally acquiring those valuable experiences. We here in HAPPYHAT too acquired our skills in the same way.
So how about we bring you opportunities which demand all your skills and still more.
Of course opportunities with the best compensation in the industry.

Are you ready to explore what excites you?

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    We truly understand, all your projects are critical with highly demanding skills. Giving solutions to recruitment opportunities is our passion and this is where we are skilled at.

    Tech Skills which we assist are Python, Data Scientist, Java, Blockchain and Mobile Development.

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